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10 February 2013 @ 12:14 pm
almosthereicons > [community profile] exitwounds

Consider this a moving notice! I will now be posting icons solely on dreamwidth, if anyone is still around. Thanks very much. ♥
13 November 2011 @ 04:24 pm
So apparently I've not posted a proper icon post for a year! Yikes. This probably explains why this post is a little over the place. Some of these icons I made near a year ago. Some have just been waiting around til I had others to post in that fandom. The majority of them, however, are cropped versions of edits I've made for my various tumblr accounts - that being, haine (my personal account), or heckyeahkairi (for Kairi), or sakuracaps (an screencap edited tumblr for Card Captor Sakura). If you recognise them, that's why! I took the best ones I'd made and resized and touched them up for icons, since, well, I made them, I can do what I like with them, and it seemed like a good use for them.

So, enjoy!


(x39) card captor sakura
- cards (x3), kaho (x3), kero (x3), meiling (x1), sakura (x16), syaoran (x2), tomoyo (x1), touya (x1), kero&sakura (x2), sakura&syaoran (x7)
(x20) disney
- beauty and the beast (x6), bolt [mostly penny] (x11), up (x3)
(x40) doctor who
- amy (x1), jenny (x19), gwen (x1), rose (x10), ten (x7), eleven&rose (x2)
(x11) final fantasy (x, xiii, cc, ta2, 012)
- gria (x1), hurdy (x1), lightning (x1), yuna (x2), aqua&zack (x2), sazh&vanille (x3), group (x1)
(x32) kingdom hearts (birth by sleep/kh2)
- aqua (x2), kairi (x19), naminé (x4), sora (x1), aqua&kairi (x3), naminé&sora (x1), group (x1)
(x14) persona 3 (portable)
- bebe (x3), junpei (x3), minako (x2), pharos (x1), ryoji (x1), saori (x1), yukari (x2), yukiko (x1)
(x3) shugo chara!
- amu (x1), amu&ikuto (x2)

total: 159


feeling: soresore
28 August 2011 @ 03:22 am
Guess how long it took to make these? Three hours. Guess when I started? Three and a half hours ago. WHAT ARE DEADLINES? DEFEATED, THAT'S WHAT.

shugo chara!
hinamori amu
25 icons

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05 July 2011 @ 11:32 pm
I will not let my icon community die!

I am sooo grateful for the extension, otherwise these wouldn't be here. I had all my bases, I just needed the opportunity to sit down and work through them, which, has finally happened! Thus we have a completed claim.

clamp series
generic: clamp pairings
25 icons

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