shadows bleeding through the light

where the love once shined so bright

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the icon journal of espo (winged-requiem)
Welcome to almosthereicons, just another one of those icon communities. This place is run by Espo. Like what you see? Please watch us! Joining is disabled, but watching is open for everyone.


There are a few rules, ones that I feel I have to reiterate since I've had problems with these in the past.

01 • Commenting is great. Please do! It goes to show my work is appreciated.
02 • Do credit. Credit either to winged-requiem, or almosthereicons. How to credit is at the bottom of every icon post. If you're using off livejournal? Please credit to fractured-memories.net.
03 • Don't modify them. No excuses or exceptions. Textless icons are not modifyable. Only bases are, and this will be clearly stated if I use any. If you that badly want to edit the icon, ask for the original image and I'll give it to you. Go make it one yourself. Afterall, what are you learning from using an already spruced up icon?
04 • The golden rule: don't redistribute or claim these as your own.

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